Midterm report

Getting every one in the picture

A snapshot of progress midway through the Asian and Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade

Asia and the Pacific has reached the midpoint of the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Decade (2015-2024). The Decade is dedicated to achieving universal and responsive CRVS systems for everyone. CRVS systems provide individuals with a legal identity, facilitate access to public services, and support governments by producing better data to guide decision making.

The report shows that the Asia-Pacific region is on the right path to reaching goals of universal and responsive CRVS systems. CRVS systems are much better positioned to respond to the crisis than they would have been five years ago.  With further acceleration of efforts, governments can ensure the catalytic changes to reach those furthest behind.

In this report, you will find a review of the progress made by countries in the Asia-Pacific region since the beginning of the Decade. It highlights achievements and challenges remaining for the second half of the Decade. Successes of countries and partners are brought to life, providing a snapshot of CRVS in the region.






This report has been elaborated from the answers sent in late 2019 and early 2020 by member countries of ESCAP to the Midterm questionnaire of the CRVS Decade. All questionnaires can be downloaded here.

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Second Ministerial Conference

For more information, please visit https://getinthepicture.org/crvs-decade/second-ministerial-conference