Chapter 4: The Regional Action Framework, a catalyst to improve CRVS systems

The Regional Action Framework, agreed on in 2014 and which guides activities during the Asian and Pacific Decade, includes a list of implementation steps to support countries on the path to universal registration.

The implementation steps follow a logical sequence for countries to identify areas where improvement is needed, set their objectives, monitor progress and report to the secretariat. However, the steps are not only relevant to the implementation of the Regional Action Framework, but they are more generally fundamental to the organization of national CRVS systems. They support the coordination, assessment, organization and monitoring of CRVS systems. They also aim to ensure inclusive and sustainable process and outcomes.

Most of these steps have been widely followed, enabling countries to have a structured approach to the improvement of their CRVS systems. Some steps however, especially on assessment of CRVS inequalities, have been applied in few countries and should be priorities for the second half of the Decade.

Due to the complexity of CRVS systems and the large number of stakeholders involved, obtaining a clear and comprehensive understanding of the situation and gaps to be addressed is imperative for the development of a comprehensive multisectoral national CRVS strategy to improve the overall system.

The multiple stakeholders in CRVS systems each have an impact on the overall system. Achieving and maintaining universal and responsive CRVS systems requires a coordinated approach to CRVS improvements with clear goals and targets. A national strategy outlining how a country aims to reach its goals means going from ad hoc activities to prioritized and systematized actions with a larger impact. Such a strategy and targets also allow development partners to identify support activities relevant to the country and assess whether it is contributing to the country’s objectives. The Asia-Pacific region has seen an increase in the development of multisectoral CRVS strategies. To this point, 19 countries have reported developing a CRVS improvement strategy.