• Resources for civil registration during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The current pandemic is disrupting CRVS systems all over the world, but well-functioning systems are more essential than ever. As a result, the UN Statistics Division, the World Health Organization and the UN Legal Identity Agenda Task Force have developed resources offering guidance for civil registration stakeholders on maintaining CRVS activities.

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  • Postponement of the Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific

    The Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS has been postponed to 2021. The uncertainty of the current situation made it unfit to properly prepare for this event, meant to celebrate progress midway through the CRVS Decade (2015-2024), identify remaining challenges, emphasize the role CRVS plays in sustainable development and promote CRVS as the foundation for legal identity. 

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  • Midterm CRVS Decade (2015-2024) Progress

    ESCAP is collecting country midterm questionnaires to measure regional progress through the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024). Responses will inform and guide preparations for the Second Ministerial Conference in October 2020.

    What are the numbers so far?

    • 41 midterm questionnaires collected
    • 53 national focal points established

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Postponement of the Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific

In light of the current global situation, the celebration of the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024) has been postponed. The ongoing crisis indeed impedes the safe organization of such an event, and sheds a new light on the needs for CRVS systems which might feed into the discussions on the remaining challenges in the region. In the build up to the Conference, additional information and resources can be accessed here.


Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS postponed until 2021

Considering the ongoing challenges due to COVID-19, the Regional Steering Group for CRVS in Asia and the Pacific made a recommendation to the 76th Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific to postpone the Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS until 2021. The Commission adopted the decision to postpone the Second Ministerial Conference on 21 May 2020.

Online Directory of Experts - A global community of CRVS expertise and support, your inputs are needed

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems will launch a new online "Directory of Experts" in June 2020. Key functionalities will include searchable and filterable profiles of the Directory members, direct communication between users and members, as well as the ability for members to manage/update their profiles. Organisations working in the field of CRVS can also create accounts, which will allow them to circulate announcements, job postings, information, news to relevant members.

How are CRVS systems responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

As referenced in our April edition of CRVS Insight, the UN Statistics Division developed a short survey for National CRVS focal points to assess the impact of the global pandemic on the functioning of civil registration worldwide, as well as provide information regarding national solutions. In Asia and the Pacific, the questionnaire was distributed by ESCAP to National CRVS Focal Points.




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