Regional Picture

Regional Picture

As we reach the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024), countries are submitting their midterm questionnaire responses to ESCAP and providing updates on country progress toward meeting their nationally-set targets. ESCAP sent the midterm questionnaires to National CRVS Focal Points responsible for collecting the necessary information and reporting back to ESCAP.

To help countries complete their questionnaires, ESCAP aggregated some of the most common or anticipated questions received and tried to answer the generic situations behind them in a Q&A document. If countries have any more questions about their reporting, they can also reach out to

Similar to the baseline, regional synthesis report, ESCAP has again aggregated the responses to the midterm questionnaires into a midterm, regional synthesis report and used it to generate a picture celebrating the CRVS achievements in the region, as well as highlighting existing challenges for the second half of the Decade.

The midterm report will also inform and guide the preparations for the Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS in November 2021, where ministers are expected to renew political commitment to CRVS improvements, highlight the importance of CRVS systems as the foundation for legal identity, and showcase the critical role CRVS plays in supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The midterm questionnaire responses submitted have been reviewed by ESCAP and other partners in collaboration with countries. All have been uploaded on this page.

From all questionnaires, an earlier report for the Committee on Statistics on the progress towards achieving the goals of the Regional Action Framework was published in 2020.

East and North-East Asia

Hong Kong, China Japan Macao, China Mongolia
Republic of Korea      


North and Central Asia

Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan Russian Federation Tajikistan  


South-East Asia

Brunei Darrussalam Cambodia Indonesia Lao PDR
Malaysia Philippines Thailand Timor-Leste


South and South-West Asia

Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India
Iran Maldives Nepal Pakistan
Sri Lanka Turkey    


Australia Cook Islands Fiji Kiribati
Marshall Islands Nauru New Zealand Niue
Northern Mariana Islands Palau Papua New Guinea Samoa
Tonga Vanuatu    


United States of America      


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