Midterm report databases

Report, 2021
Midterm report databases

The report "Getting every one in the picture - A snapshot of progress midway through the Asian and Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade" presents the situation of CRVS systems through Asia and the Pacific. This image was put together thanks to the answers from 45 countries to a questionnaire going into the details of the context, legislation and performance of the CRVS systems. To facilitate the consultation of the midterm questionnaires’ results, a series of databases and tables were created, regrouping different kind of data.

The core documents include:

  • Four databases, which cover all the information available in the questionnaires (“Implementation steps_db.xlsx”, “Contextual Questions_db.xlsx”, “Vital Statistics_db.xlsx”, “Numeric_db.xlsx”)
  • Two summary tables on specific subjects, already covered in the databases (“Vital Statistics_summary.xlsx”, “Verbal autopsy.xlsx”)
  • A summary table covering the different targets, in the format used for the “Getting every one in the picture” report, which also contains data for countries that have not answered the midterm questionnaire (“Report_summary_tables.xlsx”).

To use these databases, it is better to be familiar with the midterm questionnaire format first. The template of the questionnaire can be found here, while the questionnaires filled by countries have been published here. The questionnaire and database will be presented side-by-side in this document.

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