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National Targets for 2024


Associated with each of the three goals of the CRVS Decade, is a series of specific targets that countries are expected to set and achieve. The targets are designed to enable monitoring and evaluation in ways that are objective, efficient, technically sound and time bound during the CRVS Decade 2015 to 2024.

Members and associate members set their own national target value for each target (either the percentage or the year, depending on the target) based on their ambition and capacity, and in accordance with their comprehensive multisectoral national CRVS strategy, if one exists.

Setting national targets depends entirely on the current situation, national ambition and capacity, and the resources that can be dedicated to establishing or improving CRVS systems. Guidelines developed in 2015 highlight approaches and considerations that countries may take into account in order to set realistic goals. They are not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to point national stakeholders towards the pertinent issues and resources that can provide further guidance.

The achievements and rate of progress that can be made towards improving CRVS systems depend on national ambition and capacity.  The political will to dedicate resources towards this important work will influence the extent to which progress can be made. Whether a comprehensive assessment has been conducted, a comprehensive national CRVS strategy developed and the degree to which government is accountable for its implementation are indicators of the level of national ambition.

You can find some examples of countries having set targets on the baseline reporting page.




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