Sub-regional organizations such as the Brisbane Accord Group (BAG), the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHin), the Pacific Civil Registrars Network (PCRN) and the Civil Registration Professionals of South Asia (CR8) are actively promoting sub-regional cooperation for the improvement of CRVS systems. 

Several sub-regional initiatives are aligned with the Regional Action Framework, including: The Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan (PV-SAP), which was developed to support one of the four priority areas of the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy 2011-2020. The Brisbane Accord Group is supporting the implementation of the PV-SAP.

The regional strategy for strengthening the role of the health sector in improving civil registration and vital statistics in South Asia, supported by the WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia. The regional strategy for the improvement of civil registration and vital statistics systems 2014-2019 in the Eastern Mediterranean, supported by WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean and other CRVS partners.