Matrix of activities

Matrix of activities

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Type Title Date
Event A regional meeting of the BAG (The Brisbane Accord Group) members, 23-24 March 2023 25 January 2023
Resources The health sector in civil registration: options and methods to increase registration of live births, stillbirths and deaths 19 January 2023
Event Civil Registration Vital Statistics (CRVS) Closing Workshop for Assessing Inequalities in Registration, Fiji, 6-7 February 2023 13 January 2023
News UNICEF: Empowering stateless children and youth in Thailand 13 January 2023
News Vital Strategies' work in Cambodia 13 January 2023
News Exploring the Nexus Between Poverty, Human Rights, and Statelessness in Cambodia 13 January 2023
News Ongoing work on inequality assessments in Bangladesh and Lao PDR 13 January 2023
News National CRVS Stakeholders' Conference in Cebu, Philippines 13 January 2023
Event Meeting of the Regional Steering Group for CRVS in Asia Pacific, 10-12 May 2023 12 January 2023
Resources CRVS Insight January 2023 12 January 2023
Event A Meeting of Civil Registrars in South-East Asia, Manila, Philippines, 7-9 February 2023 29 December 2022
Event A Meeting of the Pacific Civil Registrars Network, 20 – 22 March 2023, Suva, Fiji 29 December 2022
Event Closing Workshop on Demographic Indicators for Inequality Assessment 29 December 2022
Event First National Capacity Building Workshop for Assessing Inequalities in Registration in Bangladesh 29 December 2022
News ID for Inclusive Service Delivery and Digital Transformation in Indonesia 29 December 2022
News Ten-Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS II) 2022–2030 29 December 2022
News Webinar on regional cause-of-death training and ICD-11 29 December 2022
News Second National Capacity Building Workshop for Assessing Inequalities in Civil Registration (Suva, Fiji) 29 December 2022
News Asia-Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Research Forum - New deadline for Abstract Submission (Monday 12 December 2022) 15 December 2022
Resources CRVS Insight December 2022 15 December 2022