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18-21 Mar 2024
Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Implementing Guidance on Inclusive CRVS Systems with a Focus on Forced Displacement, Statelessness and Children on the Move (18-21 March 2024)

Event Details

This workshop is a joint ESCAP-EGRISS-IDAC initiative to support the Asia-Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade. 

The workshop aims to strengthen the capacity of Member States to achieve inclusive CRVS systems and, thereof, to produce and use statistics on statelessness, forced displacement, and children on the move through:

  • Introducing key resources developed by EGRISS, IDAC and ESCAP and strengthening understanding of concepts and methodologies related to statelessness and forced displacement statistics and CRVS
  • Enabling exchange of experiences, best practices and lessons learned between countries and other stakeholders in ensuring inclusion in CRVS systems and producing and using statistics on statelessness and forced displacement statistics
  • Identifying gaps and challenges that need to be addressed and facilitate discussions around solutions and innovative approaches related to inclusion of stateless and displaced people in CRVS systems and the production and use of statistics from these systems.
  • Identifying areas of technical support, collaboration and partnerships within wider technical and political regional priorities.

Find more detail in a concept note attached!

Date of Event
Monday 18th Mar 2024 to Thursday 21st Mar 2024
Mode of Participation
Event Venue
Bangkok, Thailand