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20 Aug 2020
Results from the midterm review of the CRVS Decade at the Seventh Session of the Committee on Statistics

The seventh session of the ESCAP Committee on Statistics will take place from 26-28 August 2020. During the Committee, the Report on progress towards the achievement of the goals of the Asia and Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade (2015–2024) will be introduced to provide an overview of progress against the three goals, 15 targets and eight implementation steps of the Regional Action Framework. The Report highlights areas of success during the first half of the Decade and looks at areas requiring sustained efforts to achieve the shared vision of all people in Asia and the Pacific benefiting from universal and responsive civil registration and vital statistics systems by 2024, facilitating the realization of their rights and supporting good governance, health and development.

The Committee session will discuss matters of strategic importance to regional statistical development, regional cooperation and the formulation of regional positions to advance official statistics in line with existing commitments, including the Collective Vision and Framework for Action by the Asia-Pacific statistical community adopted by the Committee in 2016 and the Declaration on Navigating Policy with Data to Leave No One Behind adopted by the Commission in 2019.

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