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06 Jul 2022
Call for Participants - Vital Strategies Training Program: Effective Use of Data in Public Health Journalism

Effective Use of Data in Public Health Journalism 

As data become more prevalent and accessible, good reporting on public health – at the community, national, and global levels – requires journalists who are versed in data use. 

This hands-on training is designed to enable participants to: 
•    Understand the role that data play in a good story 
•    Identify major sources of credible public health data 
•    Access and understand data reports 
•    Assess public health data claims made by the public and private sectors 
•    Appropriately use data in storytelling 
•    Draft the outline of a data rich story 

Program Description 

This 3-day workshop will build the data use skills of a select group of journalists to develop stories related to public health. The training will provide a detailed overview of public health data sources and build skills related to data use in reporting. Topics covered include: common data-related terms and concepts; primary sources of public health data; basic methods for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data; and effective tactics for interviewing public health experts and leaders about data-rich topics. Participants will be guided in developing a public health-related data story for publication.

Dates: The program will be held from October 12-14, 2022.

Attendees: 20 mid- to senior-level journalists who (a) work for established media outlets in the Asia-Pacific region; (b) have previously produced stories on public health topics; and (c) have a specific idea for a data-rich public health story they want to develop. (NOTE: The journalist’s media house must provide a letter of support and indicate its commitment to publish the story.) Attendees must bring a laptop.

Language: The program will be implemented in English. Journalists who are multi-lingual and report in local languages and are fluent in English are encouraged to attend.

Sponsor: Vital Strategies, an international NGO, is presenting this program as part of its Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative. 

Financial Support to Attendees: Vital Strategies will arrange and pay for participants’ travel to and from Bangkok, as well as lodging while there. It will also provide a per diem stipend to cover meals and other incidental costs during the training program.

How to Apply: Please apply by July 31, 2022 at

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