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10 Jun 2020
Asia and the Pacific CRVS systems' response to the COVID-19 crisis

The current global pandemic is disrupting CRVS systems all over the world, but well-functioning systems are more essential than ever. The high importance currently accorded to statistics on deaths, as well as other statistics during the COVID-19 response, means key stakeholders in CRVS systems are under increased pressure and scrutiny. At the same time, the registration of vital events is being disrupted by lock downs and social distancing measures and civil registration authorities will need to catch up with delayed and postponed work when the situation stabilizes.

In response, on 22 June, ESCAP will dedicate its regular Stats Café to the issue, focusing on the impact of the global pandemic on CRVS systems in Asia and the Pacific. This webinar will give civil registrars and statisticians from our region a chance to share their experiences of maintaining civil registration and producing vital statistics during this difficult period.

The webinar is organized in collaboration with the Global CRVS Group and will feature presentations from New Zealand, Georgia, the UN Legal Identity Agenda Task Force and ESCAP. Participants are strongly encouraged to share their experiences of adapting registration services and the production of vital statistics in their own countries.

To participate in the Cafe please register here.

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