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28 Sep 2020
Armenia continues to make registration more convenient

Armenia recently updated various registration procedures. For instance, the Ministry of Justice launched a new on-site birth registration programme focusing on registration of births and acknowledgement of paternity in hospitals. For families, this means registration of births and other services can be performed on-site in the hospitals. Presently, these new procedures are implemented in seven hospitals in Yerevan and another three hospitals outside the capital are set to begin the programme soon.

In July 2020, the MOJ also launched the first Unified Office for Public Services in the center of Yerevan. The MOJ created the necessary conditions for citizens to receive services rendered by the Civil Status Acts Registration Agency and the State Register of Legal Entities, among other state entities.

Additionally, within the framework of Armenia’s digital agenda, the MOJ launched the platform, making it possible to receive a statement of information on family status electronically, without physically visiting the office of the Agency for Civil Status Acts Registration. To read more about Armenia’s continuing developments please visit the Ministry of Justice website.

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