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18-20 Oct 2017
Third meeting of the Regional Steering Group for CRVS in Asia and the Pacific

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The Regional Steering Group provides guidance for the implementation of the Regional Action Framework on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Asia and the Pacific, and is entrusted to act as custodian of the Asia and Pacific CRVS Decade (2015 - 2024). Comprising 30 members: 22 from member states and eight development partners, membership of the Regional Steering Group is based on Government nominations and represents a balance of geography and sectors including civil registration, statistics, health and planning. The composition of the Regional Steering Group was endorsed by the ESCAP Commission at its seventy-first session in May 2015. The Regional Steering Group is part of the governance structure for the implementation of the Regional Action Framework on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Asia and the Pacific, which was endorsed by the Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific in November 2014. As such, the Regional Steering Group is responsible for providing regional oversight and strategic guidance for the implementation of the Regional Action Framework and the promotion of the Asian and Pacific CRVS Decade 2015 – 2024. The Regional Steering Group consists of high level officials from Ministries of Health, Interior, Planning and Statistical Authorities. The group has met annually since its establishment in 2015. The 2017 meeting will be held in Bangkok 18-20 October.

Date of Event
Wednesday 18th Oct 2017 to Friday 20th Oct 2017
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Event Venue
United Nation Conference Centre, Bangkok
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Report on the Regional Steering Group for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Asia and the Pacific on its third meeting.pdf195.75 KB 195.75 KB
Concept Note for 3rd RSG Meeting.docx95.47 KB 95.47 KB
Programme for RSG meeting-FINAL.docx7.61 MB 7.61 MB
Session 2 - ESCAP - National CRVS coordination mechanisms and strategies - where we are and what works.pdf1000.21 KB 1000.21 KB
Session 2 - Fiji - Establishing political support for CRVS improvements - experiences from Fiji.pdf468.86 KB 468.86 KB
Session 2 - Philippines - Linking CRVS and SDGs in a National Context.pdf1.22 MB 1.22 MB
Session 2 - Cambodia - The development of the national CRVS strategy.pdf887.77 KB 887.77 KB
Session 2 - ECA - CRVS Coordination Mechanisms and Strategies Experiences from Africa.pdf246.44 KB 246.44 KB
Session 3 - ESCAP - Progress on Goal 1 - Universal registration of births and deaths.pdf480.29 KB 480.29 KB
Session 3 - UN Statistics Division - Introduction to the United Nations methodological framework.pdf459 KB 459 KB
Session 3 - ANU - Contemporary methods for assessing coverage and completeness of CRVS systems with national examples.pdf814.46 KB 814.46 KB
Session 3 - Cambodia - Establishing baselines for the CRVS Decade.pdf851.13 KB 851.13 KB
Session 3 - Indonesia - Using Surveys to Assess Completeness of Birth Registration.pdf807.16 KB 807.16 KB
Session 3 - Fiji - Developing the Health Information Management system in Fiji.pdf494.3 KB 494.3 KB
Session 3 - Solomon Islands - Improving registration through infrastructure improvements and legal review.pdf633.58 KB 633.58 KB
Session 3 - Bangladesh - Improving Birth and Death Registration and CoD by Linking Health and Local Govt..pdf773.16 KB 773.16 KB
Session 3 - SPC - Improving death registration completeness - Experiences from the Pacific Islands .pdf452.54 KB 452.54 KB
Session 3 - Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan experiences in improving birth and death registration completeness.pdf886.31 KB 886.31 KB
Session 3 - Bhutan - Establishing the death notification system in Bhutan.pdf609.25 KB 609.25 KB
Session 5 - ESCAP - Overview of the progress towards achieving Goal 2 and related issues.pdf763.34 KB 763.34 KB
Session 5 - World Bank - Civil registration as the foundation for digital identification systems.pdf4.63 MB 4.63 MB
Session 5 - Indonesia - The Importance and Challenges of Issuing Unique National ID at birth NIK Experience.pdf792.72 KB 792.72 KB
Session 5 - Thailand - Thailand’s national IDs as a foundation for universal health coverage and healthcare delivery.pdf791.63 KB 791.63 KB
Session 5 - Bangladesh - Promoting Financial Inclusion and Integrity in Bangladesh.pdf606.04 KB 606.04 KB
Session 5 - India - Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System - India.pdf634.21 KB 634.21 KB
Session 5 - India - Pehchan Portal Rajasthan.pdf451.55 KB 451.55 KB
Session 6 - ESCAP - Progress on Goal 3 - vital statistics based on registration records and quality assurance of CRVS systems.pdf659.39 KB 659.39 KB
Session 6 - ANU - International methodological guidelines for civil registration and vital statistics with emphasis on quality assurance and assessment.pdf642.69 KB 642.69 KB
Session 6 - Malaysia - The Implementation of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Malaysia.pdf1.02 MB 1.02 MB
Session 6 - Mongolia - CRVS in Mongolia - Progress on producing VS based on CR.pdf786.56 KB 786.56 KB
Session 6 - Statistics Norway - E-learning modules on vital statistics.pdf935.35 KB 935.35 KB
Parallel Session A - RSO of the Bali Process - Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Toolkit.pdf587.79 KB 587.79 KB
Parallel Session A - Australia Bureau of Statistics - Ensuring complete registration for all - Out-reach to Indigenous populations in Australia .pdf343.6 KB 343.6 KB
Parallel Session A - World Vision - Empowering Civil Society Organizations for the Protection of Migrant Children (ECPMC) Project.pdf859.95 KB 859.95 KB
Parallel Session B - Plan International - TOPIC B CRVS Digitization Introduction.pdf478.13 KB 478.13 KB
Parallel Session B - Bangladesh - Translating a Vision into a National IT System.pdf964.12 KB 964.12 KB
Parallel Session B - Armenia - Managing privacy risk and Data Protection.pdf495.74 KB 495.74 KB
Parallel Session B - Thailand - Interoperability between CR & VS systems Thailand experience.pdf1000.08 KB 1000.08 KB
Parallel Session B - Malaysia - Malaysia's Experience in CRVS Digitization.pdf1.02 MB 1.02 MB
Parallel Session C - India - CRVS in Emergencies and Disasters.pdf414.66 KB 414.66 KB
Parallel Session C - Indonesia - CRVS for Emergencies and Disasters.pdf398.43 KB 398.43 KB
Parallel Session C - Plan International - Introduction to the BRiE Toolkit.pdf464.08 KB 464.08 KB
Parallel Session D - WHO EMRO - Buiding Physicians' skills for accurate cause of deaths certification.pdf853.79 KB 853.79 KB
Parallel Session D - SPC - Capacity development for generating, disseminating and using cause of death data in Pacific Island countries .pdf288.93 KB 288.93 KB
Parallel Session D - Philippines - Improving cause of death data.pdf2.01 MB 2.01 MB
Parallel Session D - Thailand - Improving cause of death data - Experiences in Thailand in the use of verbal autopsy for community deaths.pdf676.08 KB 676.08 KB
Parallel Session D - Bangladesh - Beyond Data Collection - How Bangladesh is using Mortality Data to Guide Policy.pdf380.48 KB 380.48 KB
Parallel Session D - Fiji - Improving Cause of Death Data, Fiji Experiences.pdf404.82 KB 404.82 KB
Session 11 - Bangladesh - South Asian CRVS Network.pdf363.84 KB 363.84 KB
Session 11 - SPC - Coordination in the Pacific Islands.pdf269.86 KB 269.86 KB
Side event 19 October CRVS eLearning course World Bank.pdf1.89 MB 1.89 MB
Side event - Plan International's OpenCRVS Presentation.pdf857.29 KB 857.29 KB
Information note CRVS and electoral registration.docx119.72 KB 119.72 KB
National multisectoral CRVS coordination mechanisms_0.docx96.91 KB 96.91 KB
Information note national CRVS strategies_0.docx95.85 KB 95.85 KB
Meeting participants at the Third meeting of the Regional Steering Group for CRVS in Asia and the Pacific.docx21.53 KB 21.53 KB