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01 Mar 2024
Side event to the Statistical Commission: Towards achieving target 16.9 and legal identity for all – how far have we come and what’s next?

Event Details

Date and Time: 1 March 2024, 13:15-14.30 at Labousse Hall, UNICEF House.

This side event for 55th UNSC, organized by ESCAP, ECA, UNICEF, UNFPA, Vital Strategies, and UNDP under the umbrella of the UN Legal Identity Agenda, provides an opportunity for national statistical offices, international organizations and delegates of Permanent Missions to acquire a more detailed overview of global, regional and national progress towards achieving universal legal identity and target 16.9 on birth registration for children under 5 years.

This will include a focus on measuring who is currently left behind. UNICEF will share an overview of global progress on 16.9 highlighting who are on track to achieve universal birth registration by 2030 and who are lagging behind. The event will provide examples of country progress under the African CRVS Decade and the Asia and the Pacific CRVS Decade (2015-2024) as well as examples from Latin America. As both these decades are planned to end this year, the side event will also offer participants with insights into the next steps anticipated in the regions.

The concept note and flyer are attached below.

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Date of Event
Friday 01st Mar 2024
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