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15-19 Jun 2020
2020 Asia-Pacific Statistics Week

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As the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024) approaches, the community of CRVS professionals, national stakeholders and partners alike, are being given an important opportunity to influence the renewed political commitments expected during the Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific in October 2020.

In light of this opportunity, it is critical that CRVS stakeholders engage the broader Asia-Pacific statistical community by illustrating the significance of CRVS in national statistical system development. One method for accomplishing this objective is by highlighting relevant research into CRVS systems; which can play a critical role in bringing the areas needing improvement into focus.

As such, the Statistics Division of UNESCAP is pleased to invite abstracts for the 2020 Asia-Pacific Statistics Week from 15-19 June 2020, in Bangkok, Thailand. The Asia-Pacific Statistics Week will provide a forum for experts and managers involved in official statistics and national statistical systems in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the theme, "A decade of action for the 2030 Agenda: Statistics that leave no one and nowhere behind", the Statistics Week will focus on progress made toward the Collective Vision and Framework for Action endorsed by the ESCAP Committee on Statistics in December 2016. Submitted abstracts are expected to align with the theme and focus on any of the five Action Areas identified by the Collective Vision; including engaging users, ensuring quality, integrated statistics and analysis, modernizing processes or developing skill sets.

For more information, including how to submit, please download the Call for abstracts & papers below. Please note the submission deadline is 1 February 2020.

Date of Event
Monday 15th Jun 2020 to Friday 19th Jun 2020
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Event Venue
United Nations ESCAP Conference Centre
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