Republic of Kenya Annual Health Sector Statistics Report, 2008 Division of Health Management Information Systems

Country Assessments and Strategies, 2009
Republic of Kenya Annual Health Sector Statistics Report, 2008 Division of Health Management Information Systems

This Health System Assessment Report identifies the following issues that have not been adequately targeted for development:

  • Funding for collecting, consolidating, integration and strengthening of the monitoring and evaluation systems within the decentralized health system;
  • Low institutional capacity within the national health system to fully operate HIS in the context of decentralized health system;
  • chronic shortage of experienced personnel,
  • poor skills mix,
  • inadequate infrastructure such as equipment and access to information and communication technologies to effectively deliver quality, relevant, effective and competitive data;
  • Lack of clearly defined functional linkages between the different components of the health system especially with regard to quality standards for health services and sharing of health information;
  • Policy ambiguity, unclear responsibility division and mismatches between policy intention and implementation leading to poor policy implementation and functional coordination between the different ministries and departments as well as between the government and non-governmental stakeholders within the national and decentralized health system.
  • Lack of one plan, one monitoring and evaluation frame work, one funding to strengthen a functional and reliable or comparable comprehensive health information system.
  • Lack of integration of the health information system; Data availability and quality pose problems within and between the statistical constituencies despite our emphasis on a Health information system that need to be capable of systematic, high quality data collection. We therefore, need support in the following areas to enable us improve our HIS;
  • Technical and financial assistance for development of policy and country plan for HIS development;
  • Strengthening of specific areas of concern such as weak data collection system and Support capacity development of the HIS staff. 
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