CRVS Insight November 2014 (2)

Newsletters, 2014
CRVS Insight November 2014 (2)

Ministerial Conference Webcast

  • Innovations for CRVS (organzed by UNICEF, WHO and Plan International)
  • Civil registration in the context of emergencies, displacement and to prevent statelessness (organzed by UNHCR)
  • Leave no data behind: CRVS and the data revolution (organized by PARIS21)
  • The role of CRVS in preventing child marriage in the Asia-Pacific region (organized by UNFPA and UNICEF)
  • Youth voices matter: Get us in the picture! (Plan International, UNICEF and ESCAP)
  • Regional Consultation on the Global Financing Facility for Every Woman Every Child (organized by Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, WHO and ESCAP)
  • Ministerial roundtable on CRVS and the post-2015 development agenda (organized by ESCAP)
  • Policy priorities for improving CRVS in Asia and the Pacific
  • Modernizing the role of the health sector in improving CRVS (organized by WHO)
  • Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan: Experiences and lessons for the Asia¬†Pacific Region (organized by the Brisbane Accord Group)
  • Moving Forward: Civil registration and identification systems as smart investments (organized by The World Bank Group)
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