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15 Dec 2022
Webinar on regional cause-of-death training and ICD-11

The Pacific Community (SPC) in collaboration with Brisbane Accord Group (BAG) partners will be running workshops for Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) on medical certification of cause of death (MCCD) and ICD mortality coding. The workshops will also provide guidance on the new version of ICD (ICD-11). These workshops will be implemented under the Pacific Islands Regional Programme on Strengthening the Availability and Quality of Causes of Death Data supported by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative. This project builds on the support for CRVS systems strengthening that BAG has provided to PICTs since 2010. Working with previously trained individuals, the aim is to build a pool of trained professionals who would lead capacity strengthening efforts in the region through peer-to-peer training and support.

A virtual workshop will be held on the Thursday 15th December 2022. Please join through the meeting link here. This webinar will:

  • Present an overview of regional initiatives to strengthen cause of death data including training-of-trainers workshops on medical death certification and ICD mortality coding planned for February-March 2023

  • Identify individual country needs for support

  • Provide an overview of ICD-11

    Country participants should kindly complete a short questionnaire prior to the workshop, to help the organizers identify the type of technical support needed for cause-of-death certification and coding. Anyone with an interest in discussing regional training and support for medical death certification and ICD mortality coding, and the implementation of ICD-11 in the Pacific Island region are welcome to attend the webinar. Target participants include:

  • Doctors and ICD mortality coders

  • Managers and analysts of cause-of-death data, producers of vital statistics (mortality

    and cause-of-death statistics)

  • Officials from national health departments and statistics department

    If you have any questions, please email or Find out more detail here

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