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24 Nov 2020
Regional NGO on statelessness launched

Following a number of years of consultations and planning, the Statelessness Network Asia Pacific (SNAP) is now officially registered as an organization in Australia under the new name Nationality for All. But despite the name change, Nationality for All will continue working as a regional NGO in partnership with civil society to promote collaboration and address statelessness. Importantly, this continued work includes supporting CRVS-related programmes with an understanding that well-functioning CRVS systems act as a central mechanism in providing people with legal identity, thereby reducing statelessness.

To help develop their work ahead, NFA is launching an online survey and consultation series to inform strategic priorities and collaborative advocacy opportunities to address statelessness. This will also inform comparative research being undertaken together with Open Society Justice Initiative and the Refugee Solidarity Network to identify positive legislative, policy, and programmatic examples relevant to addressing statelessness.

For readers interested in completing the online survey*, they will also be given an opportunity to express interest in attending one of four webinars being planned throughout Nov. and Dec., including:

  • Criminal Law and Detention (including in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic): Tuesday November 24 –ICT 1pm
  • Legal Status and Documentation: Tuesday December 1 –ICT 1pm
  • Children’s Rights and Birth Registration: Thursday December 3 –ICT 1pm
  • Access to Education, Employment and Health(including in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic): Thursday December 10 –ICT 1pm

(*Please note that the webinars have limited numbers and only those completing the online survey will be considered for participation.)

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