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15 Nov 2023
Launch of NiueCRVS

Niue introduced a new digital CRVS on November 9, 2023, becoming the first country globally to implement the OpenCRVS software. The system simplifies birth and death registrations for Niueans and streamlines operations for various governmental departments.

The initiative began in 2020, with ESCAP collaborated with Niuean officials to analyze existing processes and identify areas for enhancement. By late 2022, Niue's Cabinet approved the implementation of OpenCRVS. Throughout 2023, the system was tailored to suit Niue's specific requirements with support from various organizations, including Plan International Australia, Vital Strategies, and the Pacific Community SPC.

The shift to a digital system will simplify processes for parents and those dealing with loss, enhance office efficiency, eliminate delays in obtaining birth or death certificates, and facilitate electronic information exchange among health, justice, community services, and statistics departments. Additionally, it ensures record safety during natural disasters.

Congratulations to Niue for this groundbreaking achievement.

You can find more information on SPC's website.

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