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01-31 Dec 2022
ID for Inclusive Service Delivery and Digital Transformation in Indonesia

A new World Bank project aims to strengthen population and civil registration and increase usage of digital identification to improve delivery and accessibility of selected public and private sector services for all Indonesians.

The Project is organized into five components that together form a comprehensive, integrated, and forward-looking approach for achieving the PDO (Project Development Objective):

  • Improved access to and efficiency of population and civil registration

  • Modern, scalable and secure ICT infrastructure

  • Adoption of identity verification, e-KYC (Know-your-customer), digital ID and data

    exchange to improve service access and delivery

  • Strengthened institutional and human capacity

  • Project management, risk management, monitoring and evaluation, and communications

    This Project is aligned with the Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development and other international good practices and standards related to ID systems and civil registration, as well as digitalization more broadly.

    Example Project activities to highlight are: Expanding coverage in lagging regions and among vulnerable populations; PR/CR (Population Registration and Civil Registration) process re- engineering; Human centered design for digital ID, etc.

    The Project Information Document (PID) is available here.

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