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01 Sep 2022
The 'Get Every One In The Picture' Initiative Highlighted During Discussions On Regional Statistics Strategies

(Newsletter: CRVS Insight September 2022)

Dr. Claire Dennis S. Mapa, Undersecretary and National Statistician of The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) presented on the experience of the Philippines in implementing the Regional Action Framework on CRVS during a side event of the 8th session of the Committee on Statistics of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) on 24 August 2022. The side event, which was co-organized by SPC, ESCAP Pacific Office, PIFS and PARIS21 focused on enhancing awareness of regional statistics strategies and their use at the country level.  

In 2015, the Philippines declared a national CRVS Decade (2015-2024) and adopted the localized theme “Get Every Pinoy and Pinay in the Picture”. This proclamation strengthens the establishment of the national coordinating mechanism for CRVS and supports the effective implementation and monitoring of CRVS initiatives in the country. A success story from the Philippines was also shared, which showed significant improvements in birth registration among Muslim populations from 57.5 per cent in 2015 to 81.2 per cent in 2020. 

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