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17-18 Oct 2022
Experiences from Asia and the Pacific highlighted at the conference: Empowering Women, Saving Lives -Strengthening CRVS systems 

(Newsletter: CRVS Insight October 2022)

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems, hosted at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and UNICEF had organized the 3rd CRVS and gender global conference on 17-18 October 2022 in New York at UNFPA headquarters. The aim of the Conference was to engage with key stakeholders on gender and CRVS - including researchers, practitioners, decision makers and policy advocates - in order to ensure that everyone, in particular women and children, is registered, certified and counted by 2030. More specifically, the conference aimed to:

1) Assess developments on CRVS and gender since 2020 Conference in Ottawa, including the impact of Covid-19

2) Highlight the value of CRVS data for tracking gender inequalities at national, regional and global levels

3) Showcase and advance practices to strengthen gender-responsive CRVS systems to advance the 2030 agenda, and in particular SDG 3 and SDG5 and commitments “Leave No One Behind”

4) Identify research/evidence and practice gaps at the intersection of CRVS and gender that require further prioritization now through to 2030.

5) Advance community of practice around gender and CRVS, including nurturing a new generation of CRVS practitioners

Presenters from Georgia, Nepal, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Fiji, and Lao PDR shared experiences during the conference.

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