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05-06 Sep 2019
Ending Statelessness in North and Central Asian Countries

North and Central Asian countries are moving quickly to address statelessness within their borders.
Notably, two recent events brought together key stakeholders to celebrate successes and identify the
remaining challenges ahead.

First, on 31 July, participants presented their national achievements on reducing and preventing
statelessness at the Central Asian Network on Statelessness Fourth Annual Meeting in Almaty,
Kazakhstan. The meeting marked the mid-point of the UNHCR #IBelong Campaign to End
Statelessness and identified action plans and recommendations for continued success. More
information can be found on the UNHCR site here.

Second, between 5 - 6 September, more than 80 delegates gathered in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan for the
Second Regional Conference on the Right to Legal Identity and Prevention of Statelessness: “Leaving
No One Behind at Birth”.

Co-organized by UNHCR, UNICEF, UN ESCAP and the European Union, the
Conference explored national efforts in addressing birth registration from the specific perspective of
preventing statelessness and ensuring that no child is born stateless. UN ESCAP was on hand to
further align the Get Every One in the Picture initiative with future statelessness prevention activities, as
well as raise awareness for the 2020 Ministerial Conference.

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