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16 May 2017
Armenia improves accessibility of services

To make state services more accessible for citizens, 39 unified public service providing offices have been established in Armenia starting since November 2016. 

This is a unique program of the Government which aims at mitigating the worries of citizens and their burden of reaching the capital or the regional centers to obtain a document from a state authority.

The unified offices are located in local post offices and territorial branches of different commercial banks to whom the state has delegated the authority for providing services related to a number of functions of the Police of the Republic of Armenia. This includes state registration of the rights to real estate, registration of legal entities, as well as for the provision of certificates regarding any type of civil status (certificates on marital status, copies of child birth state registration, international apostle, etc.).

This chain of reforms, launched upon the instruction of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, will be ongoing; unified offices will be established in more rural communities of all regions of Armenia, making state services more accessible for citizens. 

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