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11 Nov 2021
Review and revision of CRVSID legal frameworks: An essential component of CRVS system strengthening

Event Details

This side-event was organized by Vital Strategies in partnership with Global Health Advocacy Incubator, CDC Foundation and UNSD. It took place online on 11 November 2021, from 09:00 to 10:30 hrs, Bangkok time


Appropriate legislative and regulatory frameworks are foundational to the full functioning of CRVS systems. The review and revision of the legal frameworks is therefore a critical component to the strengthening of CRVS systems. Available tools for the review of legal frameworks and experience from the implementation of these tools, demonstrates the value of such activities. As part of the Data for Health Initiative (D4H), the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) together with the other partners in the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative (D4H), conducts CRVSID legal reviews in partnership with in-country partners and legal consultants. A legal review is designed to identify where the current CRVSID legal frameworks do and do not align with best practices, and based on these findings, recommend specific legal reforms. A legal review is done using the CRVSID Legal and Regulatory Review Toolkit, which was created by GHAI and other D4H partners based on the United Nations Statistics Division Guidelines on the Legislative Framework for Civil Registration, Vital Statistics and Identity Management. 


This side event introduced the CRVSID Legal and Regulatory Review Toolkit and provided an opportunity for several countries, which had undergone a CRVSID legal review, to share their experiences and the results of the review.  This side event was carried out in the format of a workshop with the aim of triggering the thinking of participants regarding best practices pertaining to CRVSID legal frameworks. 


Date of Event
Thursday 11th Nov 2021
Event Venue
Online (Zoom)