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11-15 Sep 2023
Regional Training on Assessing Inequalities in Civil Registration Completeness, Bangkok, Thailand

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Regional Training on Assessing Inequalities in Civil Registration Completeness will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on 11-15 September. It aims to provide selected countries from Asia and the Pacific with practical knowledge to assess the completeness of birth and death registration records using secondary sources of data. More specifically, the training aims to address these objectives:

  1. Give participants and overview of the tools and data sources that can be used to assess inequalities related to civil registration.
  2. Provide participants with the demographics skills necessary to initiate inequality assessments.
  3. Train participants in the computation of completeness rates of birth and death registration.
  4. Discuss how to initiate inequality assessments and ensure their findings lead to policy recommendations.

The training will use the guidelines for estimating completeness of civil registration of vital events as background documentation and make use of the experience of other countries of the region in conducting such inequality assessments.

The workshop will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation in Russian.

The concept note is available in English here:

Date of Event
Monday 11th Sep 2023 to Friday 15th Sep 2023
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