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27 May-03 Jun 2022
Regional demographic training workshop on evaluation of age and sex data

Event Details

The regional training workshop will be held virtually from 27 May to 3 June 2022, as part of a project to strengthen capacity to implement inequality assessments of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems, which has been initiated by ESCAP and includes both in-country and regional level capacity strengthening activities. One element of this project relates to training on demographic skills to enable countries to implement the inequality assessments.

The workshop aims to provide technical guidance and enhance expertise on demographic evaluation of age and sex data collected in national censuses. The workshop will offer instructional material via pre-recorded videos, allowing participants to download and work through that material in their own time in the weeks preceding the scheduled workshop, with material being released in three batches weekly from 9 May 2022. The opening of the workshop and explanations will commence on 27 May 2022, followed by the interactive part of the training starting on 30 May 2022 which will be structured around two short plenary sessions, a set of three groups of staggered practical workshops to allow participants to select the time most convenient for them and one on one consultations by appointment.

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Date of Event
Friday 27th May 2022 to Friday 03rd Jun 2022
Mode of Participation
Event Venue
Virtual meeting (Bangkok, Thailand)