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23-25 Aug 2023
Refreshing the PNG CRVS National Action Plan, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Event Details

The Pacific Community (Statistics Division and Public Health Division), ESCAP, the CDC Foundation plus other BAG partners as required will meet with key stakeholder in Port Moresby to assess areas of the Action Plan.

  • Refresh the PNG Action Plan so that it reflects developments since November 2019 and can be implemented in 2023-24.
  • Re-energise key stakeholders, development partners and funders to drive the implementation of the Action Plan.
  • Realign development partners for the most effective deployment of resources and to fill any gaps which might be a barrier to achieving the Action Plan.
  • Examine in-depth interoperability and sharing of data between Health, the CR and the NSO to produce vital statistics. 
  • Develop an ‘as desired’ process for late birth registration (more than 30 days after birth).


Date of Event
Wednesday 23rd Aug 2023 to Friday 25th Aug 2023
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