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25 May 2023
Nauru CRVS BPI Analysis and Redesign Workshop

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ESCAP has been providing technical assistance to its members and associate members in the implementation of the Regional Action Framework on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific adopted by governments of the region in conjunction with the Ministerial Declaration to “Get Every One in the Picture” and the Asian and Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistic Decade, 2015-2024 (CRVS Decade), which was proclaimed at the Ministerial Conference in November 2014. 

The Nauru workshop, organized by ESCAP, will convene all CRVS stakeholders to finalize the analysis and potential redesign of civil registration business processes. It will provide the full review of the processes, list of performance issues and prioritized redesign ideas to improve the processes. The outputs of the project will inform future revision of CRVS processes.  

The CRVS processes to be analysed during the workshop include: 

  • Registration of Births occurring in a health facility and at home/community
  • Registration of Deaths occurring in a health facility and at home/in the community
  • Marriage registration 
  • Divorce registration



Date of Event
Thursday 25th May 2023
Mode of Participation
Event Venue
Menen hotel, Nauru
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