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14-15 Feb 2024
National Capacity Building Workshop on Using Demographic and CRVS-Related Data and Evidence to Inform Gender-Sensitive Policies in Bangladesh

Event Details

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region have indicated they need support to ensure that data and evidence can be presented to and used by policy makers, thus taking evidence to action.

On July 11-12th 2023, Bangladesh had the first consultative meeting on Supporting Evidence to Inform Policy Outcomes in Bangladesh (or Evidence to Action (E2A)). After consultations, the priority topic selected to be the focus of the Bangladesh E2A was Child Marriage and Adolescent Pregnancy.  

This National Capacity workshop, to be co-organized by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and ESCAP Statistics Division will engage relevant data producers and users and strengthen capacity on bridging the gap between evidence and policy / practice in the E2A cycle.

Date of Event
Wednesday 14th Feb 2024 to Thursday 15th Feb 2024
Mode of Participation
Event Venue
Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh