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29-30 Mar 2022
Multisectoral coordination meeting to strengthen the CRVS system in Pakistan

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(Newsletter: CRVS Insight April 2022)

A multisectoral and multi-partner coordination meeting was held in Islamabad from 29-30 March, with the goal of establishing a unified approach to CRVS improvements, in line with the WHO’s CRVS Strategic Implementation Plan and Pakistan’s CRVS priorities. 

The WHO's CRVS Strategic Implementation Plan 2021-2025 aims to empower Member States to more effectively mobilize their health sector to lead or contribute to CRVS system strengthening efforts in order to ensure maximum benefit from routine data systems for policy and development.  

Date of Event
Tuesday 29th Mar 2022 to Wednesday 30th Mar 2022
Mode of Participation
Event Venue
Islamabad, Pakistan