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12 Nov 2021
Introducing an eLearning Course to Guide the Analysis and Use of Vital Statistics

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Link to view recording video here (Passcode: rp85^H?C)

This side-event was organized by Vital Strategies in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative and partners. It took place online on 12 November 2021, from 11:00 to 12:00 hrs, Bangkok time.


As countries make strides to improve the quality, production, and reporting of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) data, it is important to have a foundation of the importance, analysis, and use of those data. It is also important to ensure that the data are reported and made available to decision-makers for policymaking. 

The 10-session “Analysis and Use of Vital Statistics” (AUVS) eLearning Course is a fully virtual, interactive course that teaches participants how to conduct and interpret basic vital statistics data analysis. Participants will become more familiar with calculating vital statistics and the advanced uses of CRVS data. Participants will also learn to create high-quality vital statistics visualizations and reports and learn to disseminate CRVS data to multiple audiences and stakeholders. In combination with Production of a Vital Statistics Report resource kit, this course prepares participants to produce statistics and tabulations necessary for a national vital statistics report and prepare a plan for its dissemination and communication. 

The modular course is divided into 10 sessions, which includes exercises and video “webisodes.” The webisodes provide a deeper understanding of important CRVS topics, such as verbal autopsy, excess mortality, completeness of registration, and developing effective visualizations for reporting on vital statistics. 

The Ministerial Conference provides an opportunity to introduce this virtual approach to strengthening the production of vital statistics and championing the use of this data for decision-making. Online self-paced learning is a valuable tool for capacity development of government staff whose high workload and competing demands limit their availability to attend in-person meetings. This has also been especially useful during the pandemic. Furthermore, the online content can be used to supplement in-person development and could be relevant to a range of needs beyond the production of vital statistic reports. 


This side event began with an audience Q&A regarding challenges involved in analyzing and presenting CRVS data and then offered an overview of the eLearning course and a linked panel discussion featuring country representatives from the region and technical experts who spoke on the different applications and value of the course for vital statistics production, dissemination, and use, addressing the issues raised by audience members. The panel discussion was followed by another question-and-answer session and information on how to access the course. This side event was relevant for countries in the region who were interested in strengthening the analytical capacity of CRVS team members and using this knowledge to produce and report on vital statistics. The course is an eLearning adaptation of the CRVS Data Use course, which was originally developed with Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative partners, included the US Centers for Disease Control and other partners.

Background materials: AUVS course on Vital Strategies’ Learning Management System


Date of Event
Friday 12th Nov 2021
Event Venue
Online (Zoom)