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13-15 Nov 2018
The Fourth Meeting of the Regional Steering Group

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The Regional Steering Group is responsible for providing regional oversight and guidance for the implementation of the Regional Action Framework on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Asia and the Pacific, as well as acting as the custodian of the Asia and Pacific CRVS Decade (2015 - 2024).

Comprising 22 representatives from member states, along with 8 development partners, the 30 members of the RSG represent a balance of geography and sectors including civil registration, statistics, health and planning, and was endorsed by the ESCAP Commission at its seventy-first session in May 2015.

The group has met annually since its establishment in 2015 and will do so for a fourth time between 13 - 15 November 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand. The Fourth Meeting will address, among other topics, the template and guidelines which will drive the midterm reporting process for countries during 2019, preparatory work for the Ministerial Conference in 2020, and the working arrangements of the RSG. 

Date of Event
Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 to Thursday 15th Nov 2018
Mode of Participation
Event Venue
United Nations Conference Centre - Meeting Room A
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Report on the Work of the RSG for CRVS in Asia and the Pacific.pdf153.58 KB 153.58 KB
Concept note_4th RSG meeting-4.pdf140.62 KB 140.62 KB
Draft Guidelines for Monitoring Regional Action Framework Midterm Progress 29Oct18.docx223.84 KB 223.84 KB
Draft Questionnaire for Monitoring Regional Action Framework Midterm ProgressVersion 29Oct18.xlsx32.39 KB 32.39 KB
Programme for RSG meeting_final.pdf379.92 KB 379.92 KB
RSG Terms of Reference.pdf253.54 KB 253.54 KB
S 1_intro to RAF Reporting_new.pptx4.24 MB 4.24 MB
S 1_Iran Presentation with edits.pptx2.49 MB 2.49 MB
S 2_Guidelines and Reporting _ japg.pptx799.88 KB 799.88 KB
S 3_(KOSTAT)The Online Birth Registration.ppt2.04 MB 2.04 MB
S 3_Boonchai_Improving access to registration for hard to reach population-UNESCAP-20181114.pptx12.78 MB 12.78 MB
S 3_CR8 - 2 - for discussion.pptx3.65 MB 3.65 MB
S 3_Gloria M_ Paper records digital records.pptx6.84 MB 6.84 MB
S 3_India PPT-RSG-14th Nov-18.pptx2.01 MB 2.01 MB
S 3_Lene_Short Gaps in death registration systems.pptx7.1 MB 7.1 MB
S 3_LIEG UNICEF Presentation.pptx1.51 MB 1.51 MB
S 3_overview current CRVS issues.pptx1.03 MB 1.03 MB
S 3_WBG presentation to ESCAP RSG-CRVS.PPTX5.55 MB 5.55 MB
S 4_Advocating beyond CRVS community.pptx764.93 KB 764.93 KB
S 4_Potential events for high level advocacy for CRVS V2.docx15.76 KB 15.76 KB
Special Session_Compilation of global goods developed and initiated since 2016.docx19.72 KB 19.72 KB
Special Session_International global good_0.pptx37.88 KB 37.88 KB
RSG_2018_Photos.pdf651.38 KB 651.38 KB
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