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08 Nov 2021
Establishment of CRVS Sister Districts in SAARC Countries

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This side-event was organized by Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Pakistan in partnership with UNICEF Pakistan Office. It took place online on 8 November 2021, from 14:30 to 16:00 hrs, Bangkok time


The Ministerial Declaration and Regional Action Framework commit countries to continue the work to enable the Asia-Pacific region to improve and align efforts, as well as tracking progress towards getting everyone in the picture. Reaffirming the human right of everyone to be recognized everywhere as a person before the law, which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Regional Action Framework on CRVS responds to that request as a catalyst for Governments and development partners to focus and accelerate their efforts to realize a shared vision and the three CRVS goals outlined during the proposed civil registration and vital statistics decade for Asia and the Pacific (2015-2024). 

The Regional Action Framework facilitates collaborative action at local, provincial, national and international levels by enabling multiple stakeholders to align and prioritize their efforts, as well as to monitor progress towards achieving shared results. The realization of the shared vision depends on coordinated and concerted efforts to develop and enhance the capacities of members and associate members.

In order to follow the Regional Action Framework Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives (Technical Support Unit for CRVS) is proposing “Establishment of CRVS Sister Districts in SAARC Countries”. This will provide opportunities to all member countries to share experience based CRVS implementation processes, CRVS reforms and legislations at National level. This initiative will also be productive for countries which are in initial phase of implementation of CRVS reforms. Based on the reforms and legislations the best CRVS model will be designed for Sister Districts which will be replicated in the respective identified districts of all SARRC Countries.


The side event provided opportunity to other member countries for sharing their inputs regarding "Establishment of CVRS Sister Districts". Consensus was made through debate and opportunities were shared by potential donors in terms of funding’s if available. UNESCAP had identified Asian Countries and in collaboration various events like Workshops, Summits and International Conferences were already conducted. The Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives took the leading role in planning and establishing of Sister's Districts. The forum also helped in identification of opportunities and bridging the gaps pertaining to this model:

  • To learn from experiences of regional SAARC countries for acceleration and enhancement of vital events registration and to ensure vital statistics of international importance.
  • To deliberate on prospects for institutionalization of a Civil Registrar’s network of SAARC counties (CR8), scope of its functioning, information sharing and mutual cooperation.
  • To share experience based best practices and ensure implementation across the region among Sister Districts mutual coordination.
  • To develop coordination mechanism among CRVS Sister Districts.



Date of Event
Monday 08th Nov 2021
Event Venue
Online (Zoom)