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29 Oct 2021
Effective Use of CRVS Data in Public Health Journalism

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When used well, civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) data can add credibility to a narrative and enhance a journalistic story. However, writing articles or preparing other media products based on CRVS data requires knowledge of how a well-functioning CRVS system works, who is responsible for the administration of the systems and the kind of data it can produce. Furthermore, journalists and content producers need to know how to analyze data to articulate trends and patterns while communicating findings clearly and accurately to their audience.

As national CRVS systems continue to develop and grow in importance, so does the need for journalists to understand how best to harness the power of data and the role of government institutions in maintaining timely and accurate CRVS systems.

As a result, Vital Strategies and United Nations ESCAP will hold a 1-day virtual training session for journalists on 29 October 2021 to learn about CRVS systems, the type of data these systems produce and how to utilize effective data communication strategies, as well as the ‘Get Every One in the Picture’ regional initiative.

The virtual training session will utilize Vital Strategies’ e-learning platform and include live, group discussion and activity sessions held over Microsoft Teams before and after the Conference.

The training will utilize modules from an e-learning platform developed by Vital Strategies and designed to educate journalists on utilizing public health and CRVS data in their reporting. The training aims to build the data-use skillset of a select group of journalists interested in developing stories based on CRVS data.

Date of Event
Friday 29th Oct 2021
Mode of Participation
Online Course