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04-07 Oct 2022
D4H CRVS budget advocacy and strategy development workshop in the Maldives

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Global Health Advocacy Incubator’s (GHAI) Data for Health Team, co-hosted a week of civil registration and vital statistics consultations in the Maldives with partners from Vital Strategies, Imagine Law and UNESCAP.  The first two days of the workshop which were led by Imagine Law, focused on legal review and reform of the CRVS system, engaging CRVS stakeholders in discussions on a draft CRVS bill for Maldives.  The remaining two days of the workshop focused on CRVS budget advocacy and leveraging domestic financing to support CRVS system strengthening.  ESCAP also presented the results of the Business Process Improvement (BPI) work it supported in the Maldives, as a basis for informing focus areas for budget advocacy.  The workshop engaged over 40 participants from the Department of National Registration, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, National Centre for Information Technology, Local Government Authority, and representatives from Atoll Councils.

Date of Event
Tuesday 04th Oct 2022 to Friday 07th Oct 2022
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