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09 Nov 2021
#CountingEveryone Through Leadership and Coordination

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This side-event was organized by Vital Strategies in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative and partners. It took place online on 9 November 2021, from 14:30 to 16:00 hrs, Bangkok time


Millions of people globally live and die without any proof of existence. Without records of vital events such as birth and death, they are too often unable to access social benefits such as education, inheritances, the right to vote, or programs like universal health care. It’s not only a plight for individuals—it’s a governance challenge.  

If we want to truly ‘get everyone in the picture,’ universal civil registration is fundamental. Leaders must strive to broaden the coverage of national systems to be more equitable and inclusive. 

Scalable CRVS system improvements are rapidly more attainable than previously thought. The main ingredients? Dynamic leadership, close coordination among the numerous agencies involved in CRVS, innovative technology, and the efforts of persistent champions at all levels of the system. 

  • We know that with strong leadership and effective coordination across diverse sectors and stakeholders, universal registration is possible.  
  • New tools and technologies are enabling countries to reform and modernize their CRVS systems.  

CRVS is unique in its power to simultaneously benefit every individual and inform public policy.  

Counting everyone is within reach. If we are to build a truly more inclusive, equitable, and healthier world, we must ensure that everyone counts by #CountingEveryone. 

With Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative partners, Vital Strategies has developed the #CountingEveryone campaign to highlight the strength of leadership and coordination to facilitate real progress made across the world in improving CRVS systems. #CountingEveryone will showcase the champions of this progress with the hope of motivating other leaders to catalyze progress toward CRVS system improvement.  


A panel discussion showcased successes in CRVS transformation through strong leadership and coordination with country representatives from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Republic of Fiji. The discussion clearly illustrated the practical outcomes and benefits of coordinated governmental efforts in CRVS improvement and aimed to motivate government leaders and key policymakers to prioritize improvements to their country’s CRVS system.  


  • Government of Bangladesh 
  • Sri Lanka Ministry of Health  
  • Fiji Ministry of Justice 
  • Data for Health initiative partners 

Background materials: Countries case study videos  

#CountingEveryone campaign announcement



Date of Event
Tuesday 09th Nov 2021
Event Venue
Online (Zoom)