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06-07 Feb 2023
Civil Registration Vital Statistics (CRVS) Closing Workshop for Assessing Inequalities in Registration, Fiji, 6-7 February 2023

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Fiji has been selected as one of the countries in the region to receive support to undertake an inequality assessment. The inequality assessment project seeks to provide technical support and capacity strengthening to the Fiji Bureau of Statistics and other relevant national stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of CRVS inequality assessments using secondary data sources in Fiji. This will involve building capacity for demographic analysis to undertake inequality assessments in the future as well as dialogue with policy-makers to ensure the results are used for policy formulation.

The closing workshop will bring together a variety of stakeholders where FBoS can present and share findings in inequalities in birth and death registration from the first and second national capacity building workshops. Stakeholders will have opportunities to discuss the findings, ask questions, and as well as discuss policy implications and next steps to ensure disparities in registration are addressed.

Date of Event
Monday 06th Feb 2023 to Tuesday 07th Feb 2023
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