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28 Oct 2022
Asia and Pacific Workshop on CRVS Systems Improvement Framework Implementation: Experience Sharing, and Lessons Learned

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The CRVS Systems Improvement Framework (hereinafter to be referred to as the ‘Framework’) was developed by Vital Strategies, with the support of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative, in collaboration with ESCAP, ECA, WHO and other partners. The Framework builds upon previous efforts to develop practical tools (e.g., APAI-CRVS, World Health Organization and University of Queensland Comprehensive Assessment Tools), that countries can use to assess, develop strategies, and action plans and implement them for improving the coverage and efficiency of the system. The Framework is holistic in nature, with a process-centric, human rights and results-based approach for analysing and redesigning improved CRVS system performance and aligns with international principles and guidance. The modular design of the Framework allows for maximum flexibility in application. As many as 13 countries in Asia/Pacific and Africa region are at various stages of the Framework implementation. There are many lessons that have been learned from these countries related specifically to the processes and tools. The experiences have varied ranging from very positive to the need for improvements in the guidance provided in the Framework.

Vital Strategies in collaboration with ESCAP and ECA have planned to take stock of all the lessons learned from the country implementation of the Framework and its applicability in the political, administrative, and legal context of these countries. This exercise is sought to be undertaken through a series of three workshops, one for countries in Asia and the Pacific, followed by the second workshop for African countries and the final being a global workshop that focuses on synthesizing the information from lesson learned from the country workshop and the experiences gained by the country coordinators and national/international consultants while providing technical assistance in implementing the Framework.


a) Share and discuss lessons learned on the implementation of the Framework, the usefulness of Business Process Improvement (BPI), and the improvements that the Framework has led to

b) Discuss options for improvement of the Framework

c) Discuss the expansion of the network of Framework’s users and further the understanding of the Framework

Date of Event
Friday 28th Oct 2022
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Virtual meeting