• 2024 Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Applied Research Training Initiative

    The CRVS applied research training (CART) initiative focuses on enhancing CRVS systems through supporting applied research on strategies, interventions, and tools. This involves designing projects to address practical questions, employing robust methodologies, and identifying key personnel for effective implementation and publication. The need to strengthen practitioners' research capacity is evident, as highlighted in the Asia-Pacific CRVS research forum held in 2023. 

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  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems Improvement Framework

    To meet the targets of the CRVS Decade, a Business Process Improvement approach can help improve and streamline Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system. The CRVS Systems Improvement Framework help CRVS stakeholders assess, analyze and redesign, to improve user experience and produce timely vital statistics. 

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  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Inequality Assessments

    The Ministerial Declaration on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific emphasizes the need to address CRVS inequalities among hard-to-reach and marginalized populations, promoting universality and equity in civil registration regardless of factors such as gender, religion, or ethnicity. Countries are encouraged to conduct assessments to assess where such inequalities may exist.

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  • Asia-Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Research Forum

    The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) organized the first Asia-Pacific CRVS Research Forum which was held from 3-4 April 2023. Hosted by ESCAP in Bangkok, the fully online event offered a major research, information sharing, and capacity-building opportunity for participants. They were able to present at and attend paper presentations and interactive sessions, including networking opportunities.


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The CRVS community in Asia and the Pacific has reflected on where it stands at the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024) during the Second Ministerial Conference. Following this celebration of progress, many of our partners and member countries are leading actions to fill the remaining gaps.

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CRVS and Natural Disasters

Effective CRVS systems play an important role in assisting countries to adequately plan for and respond to disasters, and it is important that CRVS systems are resilient enough to continue functioning in the event of a natural disaster. Pacific countries have had first-hand experience with this recently in responding to cyclones Pam and Winston, and have identified the role of CRVS in disasters as a regional priority. 

OPENCRVS: A standards-based solution for civil registration

Plan International Australia proposes developing a standards-based software solution to provide for civil registration and population data needs in low resource settings. The open source CRVS platform will be free, fully compliant, and adaptable for different country contexts in Asia and the Pacific. The software will be easy to deploy, user-centric, and require minimal skills for customisation, maintenance and support.

OPENCRVS: A standards-based solution for civil registration

Plan International will start work to build OpenCRVS, an open-source, standards based, software platform for rights based CRVS. Within the framework of the 5 year (2016-2020) strategy and work programme of the APAI-CRVS, Plan International proposes to lead an initiative to develop a standards based open-source CRVS software platform, OpenCRVS. In the first phase, a prototype to showcase priority workflows to country stakeholders and development partners will be developed and should be ready by the end of August.

CRVS Insight May 2017


  • What is the current situation in the region - lessons from the RAF baseline reports
  • Road related deaths and the need for better CRVS
  • Quick reference guide on medical certification of death
  • Armenia improves accessibility of services


Call for experts in CRVS and related domains

In order to facilitate country-level access to technical expertise and assistance for strengthening CRVS systems, the Centre of Excellence launched a call for expressions of interest to invite professionals to apply for inclusion in a directory of experts. They are looking for mid-level and senior professionals with expertise and experience in one/several of the following fields: civil registration and vital statistics, public health, social and behavior change, law, digitization, statistics.