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24 Jun 2022
Regional Demographic Training Workshop on Evaluation of Age and Sex Data

Newsletter: CRVS Insight July 2022

The regional demographic training workshop on evaluation of age and sex data was organized by ESCAP’s Statistics Division as part of an ongoing project to strengthen the demographic capacity of countries to support improvement of CRVS systems and the production of vital statistics.

The workshop was conducted virtually from the 30th May to 3rd June and facilitated using a combination of pre-recorded lectures, virtual training sessions, intensive hands-on practical exercises and one-on-one drop-in sessions. All instruction and practical sessions were provided and facilitated by Professor Thomas Moultrie, Professor of Demography, University of Cape Town, South Africa with support from ESCAP staff.  Participants from 22 countries in Asia and the Pacific, received technical guidance and instruction on appraisal of age and sex data collected in national censuses to take into consideration any potential errors or biases that may impact the accuracy of estimates being produced.

Course materials covered the importance of evaluating age and sex data, types of error, sources of error, and techniques for investigating the accuracy of age and sex data using Microsoft Excel.  

The programme, presentations and pre-recorded videos can be found here.

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