Dr. Lisa Grace Bersales

RSG Member
Lisa Grace S. Bersales is National Statistician of the Philippines. As such, she directs the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), including prescribing the agency’s rules and regulations, instructions pertaining to the collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics, and to the conduct of censuses. She also provides the overall direction of the Civil Registry, and acts as ex-officio chairperson of the PSA Board Secretariat. Dr. Bersales held various posts at the University of the Philippines before assuming the role of National Statistician, including Director of graduate studies and Dean of the School of Statistics in the late 1990s, and Vice President for Planning and Finance of the UP System since 10 February 2011. Dr. Bersales earned her bachelor's degree in Statistics, cum laude, from the UP School of Statistics, and a masters and doctorate degrees in the same field.