If Kiribati were able to register all birth, all deaths and identify all causes of death wouldn’t we be in a position to make the best decisions for our people?  Get everyone in the picture is the solution.

How can we get everyone in the picture? The answer is the Asian and Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Decade 2016 – 2024, where ten years of a forward plan will make a big difference for our nation. 

By the end of this Decade it is envisaged that: (a) all key life events are being registered; (b) all people possess legal proof of identity; and (c) registration records are fully utilized to produce and share accurate, complete and timely vital statics.

To make all of this happen three Ministries are joining hands in collaboration with other stakeholders to put all of the work together for the next 10 years.

  1. Civil Registry Office, Ministry of JUSTICE,
  2. Health Information Unit, Ministry of Health and Medical Services,
  3. National Statistics Office (NSO), Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

This Decade has brought together the Ministry of Health who is at the fore front of most births and deaths that occur in our nation with its partners in CRVS, where through a combined effort to register all birth and deaths, success and development goals will be achieved.

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