Thursday 3rd March 2016

The Brisbane Accord Group (including ESCAP, UNICEF, SPC, and WHO) in collaboration with the United Nations Statistics Division convened a Regional Meeting on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics for Pacific Islands, from 22 to 25 February 2016.  The meeting brought together civil registrars, national statistics officers and national health information officers/ managers from 19 countries and territories in the Pacific to share experiences in improving CRVS systems over the last 4 years of the Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan. The workshop discussions centred on reviewing government commitments to and progress in improving their national CRVS systems, including the Regional Action Framework, the Pacific CRVS Action Plan, as well as the relevant targets and indicators in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; introduced new relevant UN guidelines and other tools and standards; discussed priorities of further regional support to country efforts, including operational research, a regional IT approach, legislation best practice guidelines as well as national investment strategies. The workshop also discussed the reporting and regional review arrangements of the Regional Action Framework on CRVS that was adopted at the 2014 Ministerial Conference, including the required submission of country baseline reports to ESCAP secretariat.