Monday 22nd July 2019

A delegation of 8 officials from Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics(BBS) visited Maldives National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) from 25-27 June 2019 to share the knowledge and experience in the administrative of vital statistics in both the countries. On 26th June, the delegation met with the members of CRVS technical team in Maldives. The meeting started with an introduction to the VRS system in Maldives with a presentation given by Local Government Authority (LGA) and National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT) on the new VRS system which is going to be rolled out this year in Maldives. Additionally, the delegation from BBS presented how Vital statistics are collected in Bangladesh.

On 27th June, the delegation visited a nearby Island Council to learn from how birth and death forms are maintained at Island Council. The activities for the BBS study tour was jointly organized with the Local Government Authority(LGA) and Maldives CRVS technical team gained insight into how it is being done in neighbouring countries.

For more information please contact:

Mr. David Rausis

Associate Statistician