• Resources for Civil registration in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The current pandemic disrupts CRVS systems in countries all over the world. Well-functioning CRVS is however more essential than ever, which is why you will find here several resources offering guidance on the impacted areas of work. UNSD has put up a platform for the statistical community to share actions and best practices. WHO issued instructions on the new ICD codes related to the disease. Finally, the UNLIA Task Force published Guidelines on how to maintain CRVS activities. 

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  • Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific

    Between 6-9 October 2020, in Bangkok, Thailand Governments and development partners will convene for a Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS to celebrate progress midway through the CRVS Decade (2015-2024), identify remaining challenges ahead, emphasize the role CRVS plays in sustainable development and promote CRVS as the foundation for legal identity.

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  • Midterm CRVS Decade (2015-2024) Progress

    ESCAP is in the process of collecting country midterm questionnaires to determine regional progress through the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024). Responses will be used to inform and guide preparations for the Second Ministerial Conference in October 2020. What are the numbers so far?

    • 38 midterm questionnaires collected
    • 51 national focal points established

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Second Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific

Between 6-9 October 2020, Asia-Pacific governments will convene in Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate the midpoint of the CRVS Decade (2015-2024). Governments will take stock of the remaining challenges, promote civil registration as the foundation for legal identity and emphasize the important role CRVS data plays in promoting good governance and development efforts, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A civil society forum will precede the Second Ministerial Conference from 4-5 October 2020. In the build up to the 2020 Conference, additional information and resources can be accessed here.


Second Ministerial Conference

The Second Ministerial Conference on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Asia and the Pacific will occur in Bangkok, Thailand from 6-9 October 2020. Delegations will comprise heads of government, as well as ministers of interior, health, civil registration, statistics, justice, planning and national ID. Senior representatives from partner organizations, non-governmental organizations and civil society will attend, along with the media who will be invited to cover the event.

Bangladesh: A successful journey towards CRVS system improvement

This CRVS country perspective highlights three successful technical interventions implemented by the Government of Bangladesh and its civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) stakeholders to strengthen the country’s CRVS system. Led by the National CRVS Implementation Committee under the Cabinet Division, the interventions form part of the Committee’s larger project on Technical Support for CRVS System Improvement in Bangladesh.

Primary Health Care on the Road to Universal Health Coverage: 2019 Global Monitoring Report

This 2019 Global Monitoring Report comes out on the eve of the High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage at the United Nations General Assembly. This level of political commitment is more welcome than ever because it is essential on three fronts. First, to accelerate progress in areas where we have seen improvements. Second, to remove the barriers that are slowing down access to health services in some countries and among certain populations.




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